BANDAI Proplica The Dominator *Updated*

Bandai is proud to introduce their new Proplica... the Dominator from the popular anime series "Pyscho-Pass"! Set to be released in 2015, no other information about the product is given at the moment. The special product page is up here, and in case you can't read Japanese, it's pretty much talking about the Dominator in general from the anime series. The interesting part there though is the bolded word, "Voice Guidance". If you are familiar with Bandais' Sailor Moon Proplicas, both staff have some sound/voice functionality. You can bet this one will also have the same feature. Another great feature to have for this product would be if it can actually scan or shoot a laser pointer and then randomly transform to several modes! It would be funny who get's the non-lethal paralyzer and who gets the destroy-decomposer!

As fan of this anime series (really recommend!!!!), I can't wait for this to get released. It's a shame it will be released months after 2nd season will end. By the way 2nd season starts October 2014, so suit up Enforcer! Time to serve the Sybil system!

Product shown at Tamashii Nation booth in CharaxHobby 2014 event in Japan! Confirmed LED lights function (green to red) and sound effects! Unfortunately does not change form but still a perfect item for fans and cosplayers!
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