The Legend of Korra - Chief Beifong Pre-Painted PVC Kit (Regular Edition)

The Legend of Korra - Chief Beifong Pre-Painted PVC Kit (Regular Edition)

Release date: July 2015
Manufactured by: Zwyer Industries

Hello again and it looks like I got another toy to look at and this time it comes from where I work. Nickelodeon and Zwyer Industries have come together to create a PVC Chief Lin Beifong figure as seen from The Legend of Korra. This figure was originally released as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive for 2015. The Convention Exclusive has a high gloss paint on the armor and a gold colored name plate. The Regular Edition does not have the gloss and the name plate is silver. This isn't huge deal to me, and I'm just happy to have gotten one. 

Chief Beifong is Republic City's Chief of Police and is the daughter of Toph, who was a key member during Aang's quest in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Beifong is represented very well here and is the second piece of high merchandise from this show. (The first piece of merchandise, made by Dark Horse Comics, was an Aang statue that was seen in the Legend of Korra as a monument to Aang's accomplishments.)

The sculpting on this looks great and is a fine piece of craftsmanship. The paint apps are also very clean around the edges, and I didn't see any noticeable bleeding on the hair line. Her two scars on her face are also painted very cleanly leaving me to believe this really was hand painted. 

Accessory wise she comes with a base and that's it. The base though is a stand out piece on its own. At first glance, it looks like your typical diorama base, but the paint apps takes it to a whole other level. Through the magic of fine paint details and the painted rust effects, pieces of PVC stand in for real metal girders and strips that are laid throughout the base. 

In hand this figure is very similar to Kotobukiya's Bishojo line in terms of quality, detail, and size. If you weren't familiar with the Bishojo line and you were to put Chief Beifong next to them, you probably wouldn't guess Chief Beifong was not made by Kotobukiya. 

The only problem I had with this figure was putting it together. The figure comes in parts that you must assemble. It is very obvious where each part goes, but sometimes it takes a firm nudge to get the arms in, which makes me a bit nervous since I don't want to break it accidentally. It would have also been nice to have an alternate head sculpt with a different expression or a switch out hand with a different prop. Otherwise, this figure is very legit. 

Korra fans need to jump on this since there is very little merchandise out there. If you are interested in getting this and you don't work at Nickelodeon like I do, you are in luck! You can actually order the Regular Edition on Zwyer Industries website here! 

If you poke around the website, you will see other characters from both Avatars are being teased as possible's hoping we get another character!

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