#1009 Gundam RX78-02 The Origin Fix Figuration Metal Composite Review

#1009 RX78-02 Gundam The Origin Fix Figuration Metal Composite
Released: April 2015
Manufactured By: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Line: Fix Figuration Metal Composite
Price: 14,800JPY

Finally got my hands on second reissue of RX78-02 The Origin. The only difference from first release are the box image not displaying front cover of the 1st volume of the manga series and it doesn’t come with special booklet. The actual treasure inside along with the accessories are all the same. I believe there hasn’t been any updates or improvements from the first release also but can't confirm. It is mainly for people who were unable to snag the 1st production release which sold out right away and possibly to also promote the upcoming movie adaptation of the manga series. 

Scaled at 1/100, RX7802 is surprisingly heavy even with the skeletal parts being the only diecast parts, rest being PVC. The decals on the figure really makes this figure stand out and give sort of realistic look to it especially since there aren't any special weathering detailed on. There aren't any inked panel lines because they actually spread apart which is awesome.  

  The Core Fighter is made entirely out of plastic. Very light and feels fragile. The paint job on it is so-so and sort of looks like it was made from left over materials. The Core Fighter from other Gundam Fix Figuration series were much more sleek and solid which makes this version a pretty big let down. 

The articulations are great having double jointed knees, extendable shoulders which can also move back and forth, ball joints on ankle and the neck extends allowing the head to look up to the sky. 

Difference between the much older release of the Char's suite besides colors are, lot more decals, weight of the figure, and proportions from top to bottom. The looks on the RX78-02 The Origin looks perfect compared to Char's which after looking at RX78, made me think the heads little too small for the body and thighs looks a bit skinnier. Very minor though and Char's is still great piece that I still love displayed but between the two, The Origin takes the win. 

Bit strange that it came with display base but not display stand. This figure has so many articulations and can easily bust out dynamic poses, it's a waste Bandai didn't include a stand. 

The accessories included are great, double bazooka, double sabres, and 2 assault rifles with minor differences. The shield and shoulder cannon are great as well. 

Besides weapons and option hands, it also includes armor pieces to transform in to "middle mode" and "final mode". These pieces are pretty minor but can actually make quite a difference when all of them are put together. 

Notice the collar section, shoulder armor, elbow and knee joints? 

The Core Fighter can transform into Core Pod allowing it to go inside Gundam. 

Overall the figure is great and very solid. Lot of minor features but can add lot of customization and fun factors. It's really a let down though that it doesn't come with display stand to hook up with display base especially with the amount of articulation it can pull off. Another let down was the Core Fighter which the quality was just not that great. Other than that, it's a great display piece and must have for any Gundam 1, 2, and 3 fans. Classic and iconic robot that started it all but modernized. The size is only 1/100 but everything is done right. Even with all the right resources/materials and years of Gunpla experiences, I don't think I can make anything near this detailed quality with the PG/HG/RG/MG model kits. So if you're fan of Gundam but don't have time to deal with building the kits, definitely look into Fix Figuration series especially the Metal Composite series... this is great starting point.  

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