Hot Toys 1/6th scale ; Captain America: Civil War ; Captain America Battling Version ; Movie Promo Edition

Hot Toys 1/6th scale ; Captain America: Civil War ; Captain America Battling Version ; Movie Promo Edition
Released: July 2016
Manufactured by: Hot Toys

Hot Toys has just released their next Movie Promo edition in the form of Captain America from Captain America: Civil War. This version is exclusive and represents Captain America in a more battle damaged/worn costume look. This isn't a full battle damage, but the costume isn't in a pristine form; much like the Hot Toys Iron Man releases.

The biggest question on collector's minds is how different is this release from the Age of Ultron version. Overall, the shape and look of both costume are both the same, but there are some slight differences that only a true Marvel fan would be able to point out at first glance.

The Battling Version has a much darker complexion and there are some slight alterations to the costume's trim and hemming. The Age of Ultron version has a clean red, white, and blue color motif with a trim and stitching that stands out more because of the vibrant colors.

While not completely battle damaged, the Battling Version showcases a Captain America costume in mid battle. My only justification for this is the fact that both head sculpts show no signs of blood or bruises, which most battle damaged figures have in prior releases.

From the dull star on his chest to the dirt stains on his red and white stripes, the tailor work and level of detail on this costume are once again at a level Hot Toys is known for. His battle damaged shield is probably one of the highlights since this version of the shield will not be in the regular release for this figure.

While the shield looks amazing, it also is the most frustrating part of the figure. This shield goes back to the strap design instead of the magnets used for the Age of Ultron Release. Hot Toys did improve on the installation of the straps, but it is still very frustrating and fragile. Upon putting on the shield, one of the straps broke off and is now hanging loose from the shield. Luckily, this isn't affecting Cap from holding the shield correctly, but still annoying that I broke an expensive toy.

Once you get the shield on, it fits snuggly and is probably the best strapped version of the shield. Hot Toys now lets you take the strap apart in sections to help with this whole process.

For movie accuracy purposes, Cap does not use the magnets he used in Age of Ultron and is seen with the straps. I guess Cap didn't like the magnets in Age of Ultron? Regardless, it would be nice if future releases used the look of the straps but implemented magnets in the engineering and installation of the shield. Time will tell what Hot Toys will do to solve this problem for future releases.

It is too bad this release didn't have the switch out mouths that the regular release will have. The current masked portrait is a great stoic looking face, but an angry face would have been welcomed since he is in mid battle in this costume. It would also have been nice to have some blood running down his face since this did happen at the end of the film when he fought Tony.

I do like this figure and kinda glad I got this. When you compare the Age of Ultron version to the Battling Version, it's pretty obvious there is a difference. However, if you are happy with your Age of Ultron version, then you aren't missing out on too much. The decision to purchase this figure or the regular version of this figure is going to be a matter of taste.

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