Hot Toys 1/6th scale Man of Steel Superman

Hot Toys 1/6th scale Man of Steel Superman
Released: January 2014
Manufactured by: Hot Toys
Price: $199.99

Comments: Guest Review by Kevin

The Man of Steel has finally arrived and not too shabby either. Superman is the second figure in Hot Toys line from Man of Steel and follows the release of Jor-El and precedes the release of Zod.

Having the great fortune of working at the Warner Bros. Corporate Archives, I have had first experience with this costume along with many other Warner Bros. related intellectual properties.

This costume is actually based on the dark color palette of Evil Superman from Superman III. Zack Snyder requested to look at the real costume from this film, and we brought it over to his office to research. Superman III is nothing to be remembered, but Zack really liked the color scheme of the costume and used that as a basis for the color of the Man of Steel costume.

With that in mind, Hot Toys did a great job with this very ordinary looking figure. At first glance of the price, some might say this is not worth it especially since it really has no accessories, and the fact the film had mixed reactions. Having this figure in hand however, has really changed my mind and shows the great work Hot Toys can pull off.

This is a great sculpt of Henry Cavill and the expression he has is a good representation of Superman. The costume also comes alive with the attention to detail in the textured look of the costume. The real costume is made of the usual rubber latex that all superhero costumes use and Hot Toys does a good job of recreating that rubber look in this form. The real cape is made of leather…yup you heard me right. Most likely it could have been production costs or the fact they didn’t come to see us about researching the costume in person, but Hot Toys does a good representation of the cape in the way it drapes and flows on this figure much like how the leather cape is worn.  

Accessories wise he comes with a pair of fists, a pair of relaxed hands, a pair of extreme open hands, a pair of hands used for flight poses, a 1:1 scale metal Kryptonian Key, a 1/6th scale Kyrptonian Key, and the Superman base with the new dynamic pose rod.

The new dynamic pose base is great, but at first, I had a little bit of a hard time posing with it. The rod is flexible but also very sturdy so it does take some time to break in. However, the instructions warn that you should not use “excessive force” to the rod otherwise it will break, which made me feel really insecure about the rod. After seeing what this can do though, I feel much more positive about the new dynamic pose base.

My only other issue with this figure is the base. The base is quite big and can eat a lot of space especially in a detolf. On top of this, the dynamic pose rod is also quite big and clearly made to display Superman in flight. This means that the figure on the base will not be able to fit in a detolf simply because it is now too tall. It is also hard to have Superman in a standing pose since the dynamic pose rod really doesn’t support a basic standing pose. I think it is possible to manipulate the rod so it can support Superman in a standing pose, but again the instructions warn to not use “excessive force” when manipulating the rod… proceed at your own risk.

All in all this figure has gone beyond my expectations. I highly recommend getting Zod to go with this figure because it would make a great set piece to display with this figure. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes Superman or are really big fans of Man of Steel. Until then I guess we will have to wait for Batman Vs. Superman…Superman Vs. Batman…Man of Steel 2…or whatever the hell it is going to be called to get our next Superman figure…or better yet a Justice League movie version of Superman…then again I guess we will also have to wait and see if Warner Bros. can get their ducks in a row to make that happen in a timely manner. In the meantime, I guess first we will have to see how the next film pans out. 

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