1/60 VF-19P Planet Zola Patrol Color

1/60 VF-19P Planet Zola Patrol Color
Released: Dec 2012
Manufactured By: Yamato
Scale: 1/60
Line: Perfect Transformation
Price: 22,000 JPY

Yikes…I feel like I got completely trolled with this toy. Wasn’t a fan of Macross 7 series, in fact it’s my least favorite series. The only thing I liked about Macross 7 was the mecha designs. To be honest, I only bought this because I happened to be in Japan same time this toy was released and said to myself why not. Not sure if it’s because I never cared much for vf-19 and its many variants, but I didn’t have any desire to open this up until now (lol). Result….little bit of regret but mostly disappointment. Out of the box, vf-19 is displayed in fighter mode beautifully but you immediately notice the lack of accessories and that shield…so boring! No missiles, no optional hands, just parts for attaching to Yamato display stand (as always not included), gunpod, pilot, extra shield, and thigh plate(?). Decals and instruction booklet are also included but the booklet is referencing VF-19S Emerald Force Custom …and pictures are in black and white! Never owned any VF-19 fighters before so first time transformation was a terrible nightmare. In fact in battroid mode the arm (biceps) are different from what’s being displayed on the box. Gerwalk also looks ridiculous without display stand. The nose is just too long and heavy it can’t help but lean forward and stand on its nose. Usually when after transforming to each mode from fighter→ gerwalk→ battroid, I’m always left in awe and truly fascinated by process on transforming, details on the figure and the overall design, but this figure…each mode was just disaster, frustration, and confusion. After struggling with certain locks and reading the instruction booklet the result still looks different or so unappealing that it always left me questioning if that’s how it supposed to look like or if I missed a step somewhere. From opening the box to putting it back and storing in closet, not once has it ever left me satisfied. Not to mention the price on this. Macross 7 figures seems to always be much more expensive than the original Macross series figures even though it’s same size and with much less accessories. It’s really unfortunate that this was one of Yamato’s last Macross figure (before becoming Arcadia). Good thing Arcadia is releasing great quality Macross figures though and at much reasonable price and they are brining back Macross 0 series which happens to be my most favorite Macross series. For any Macross fans, I recommend skipping this particular figure and go for vf-19 by Arcadia (due out in mid 2014) unless you are fan of vf-19 Excalibur.
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