The Seven Deadly Sins Satan/Wrath by Orchid Seed x Hobby Japan!

The Seven Deadly Sins Satan/Wrath
Released: Feb 2015
Manufactured By: Orchid Seed x Hobby Japan
Scale: N/A
Line: The Seven Deadly Sins
Price: 11,000 JPY
**This site will not contain nudity so below shots do not contain the bra removed however some shots may still be NSFW. 

Felt like changing up my collection a bit and bought this beauty! Hobby Japan and Orchid Seed have collaborated and created an awesome (and interesting) series called "The Seven Deadly Sins"! Each sins are represented by 7 very beautiful and erotic anime babes, and this particular figure represents the sin of wrath and is named... Satan!

As a warrior of hell it may be lacking few armor pieces, but for however many is on her, each are very beautifully detailed and the skulls on it are a nice touch which brings out the hellish atmosphere, appropriate for the one named "Satan". 

The base is by far the best base ever. Out of all the figures I have, hands down the best in everything possible. Really solid feel, incredibly bad-ass looking, does its job really F*ing well, and is actually useful. The top of the base can be removed to put in parts for the figure and you can rotate it to switch the front display. 

Not much accessories but for pvc figure that has zero articulation, it's really not needed. As pictured above, it does come with a sick looking pole-axe that feels legit and really makes the figure much more fierce and "deadly". 

One of the features that makes this series "interesting" is that each figure can be stripped naked. For this figure, the following can be removed: Cape, chest piece (armored bra), and the belt. The bra and belt are both easily removable, both are clipped on to the body and be clipped off and replaced with spare parts stored inside the base. To remove cape, simply remove the whole head and take out the cape from the neck. 

No lie...that ass is grrrrreat!

Yes, the breasts are huge...underneath are surprisingly detailed also and is actually cool how they use "it" to clip on the bra. Taking the bra off and back on frequently may damage "it", so decide how you want it displayed and leave it!

This is a great pvc figure that actually happens to be the cheapest also in the series. I was originally interested in collecting the whole thing but some figures are really expensive and some are hard to obtain due to japan web exclusive only and not many online distributors can stock them. As a series though it seems to be doing very well since they are adding 2 new characters outside of the 7 sins and secured an anime run which is due to come out soon. As awesome it is to have all 7 lined up, for Satan at least, she looks very badass by herself and I love everything about it. Another character (Astaroth of Melancholy) is coming out soon and I will definitely try to get her and will review it here.  

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