Power Mazinger-Z by Go Nagai x Touma x Phalanx

 Power Mazinger-Z by Go Nagai x Touma x Phalanx
Released: Aug 2011
Manufactured By: Phalanx Creative
Scale: N/A
Price: $85

Picked this rare gem up at a local designer shop called “Pop Monster” awhile back and totally forgot about it. Very nice vinyl figure with awesome creative designs, vivid colors, and comes with pretty cool box. Not much articulation but that should be expected with most designer vinyl figures. Pretty big size but feels very light, luckily it has good balance and can stand well on its own. The face is incredibly cool with its demonic grin. Really digging those sharp teeth! This version is the dark version which is limited to only 100 pieces in US, but there’s another Mazinger Z Original color version that seems to be still available in most online stores. Very cool and worth every penny!
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  1. is it available? this post is quite old.. let me kindly know plz. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately this limited version is most likely sold out. The original color version however is still widely available.

  2. Hey bro .. would you consider selling the black ver.? email me please chimaera2002@msn.com