Hot Toys 1/6th scale Star Wars Episode IV: Darth Vader

Hot Toys 1/6th scale Star Wars Episode IV: Darth Vader
Released: December 2015

Manufactured by: Hot Toys

Well The Force Awakens has been unleashed upon the world and thankfully it redeems the franchise, making one forget all the ridiculous hijinks the prequels brought. Although a new cast of characters have been introduced, it doesn't mean Disney and Lucasfilm have forgotten the past movies. In this case, Hot Toys finally releases its Darth Vader figure from Episode IV: A New Hope.

As usual from Hot Toys, the details are great on this figure. At first I thought the head was a bit big, but it seems to have grown on me in time. This figure pretty much embodies what one would remember of Darth Vader from his first appearance. The Darth Vader costume doesn't change too drastically over the three films, but each film seems to have some slight detail added or subtracted to it. I myself do not know all the differences, but this costume is fine with me.

One detail I noticed is the tunic in A New Hope goes over his shoulder pads while in other films his tunic is under his shoulder pads. Initially, this figure has the tunic over the pads, but you can easily switch the look. I put the tunic under the shoulder pads since this is the look he is most known for and really shows off the details of the shoulder pads.

The cape is also very well done and is nothing like past capes that Hot Toys have done. There is a weight to the cape that makes it feel authentic and this in turn properly drapes on the figure. His articulation is also somewhat hindered because of the thick costume. I couldn't get his legs to spread apart so don't count on getting any kneeling poses.

Now we get onto a very interesting voice feature on this figure. Hot Toys has introduced a voice feature in other figures, but this time around it is a hit and miss. I do think the voice feature is a great addition to the figure and only heightens the presence of Darth Vader in your collection. The voice box is fairly loud and clear and its no mistake that this is James Earl Jones voicing the character.

With that being said, the voice feature is also not practically put together. The first thing you must do is take a part the figure and open up the back to reveal a slot for the batteries and a switch to turn the figure on and off. On top of this, you also have a remote that you use to access the voice function. From there you just hit the remote, and he starts talking...however, the figure will go to sleep if no activity occurs after 15 minutes. If he goes to sleep, you have to take apart the whole figure again and flip the switch on his back to make him talk again. Sadly, his costume completely covers the switch and you also can't feel through the costume for the switch, so you have no choice but to take it apart again even if the remote is on.

Hopefully, Hot Toys can fix this situation in future figures. I still find it odd that they thought this was practical and there are so many other solutions that they could have done to make this work properly.

Accessories wise he comes with the usual set of hands, a base, the voice remote, interrogation droid, light up light saber, and non light up light saber. His belt also can light up, but it does take quite a bit of work to put the batteries in, and the belt is kind of flimsy so I decided to not put the batteries in.

The interrogation droid is pretty cool, but he requires some assembly with his tongs and needles that seem too much work for what it is. I think this should have been included with Leia, and Darth Vader should have come with the special Death Star back drop.

Minus the impractical voice feature, I really do like this figure. For me this will probably be the only Darth Vader figure I will get, but I'm going to guess that more Darth Vaders from the other films will make their way soon. If you are like me and are only getting one Darth Vader, this figure should satisfy that Darth Vader spot. I'd say the hardcore Star Wars fan should wait for future Darth Vaders mostly for other movie specific prop accessories and hopefully a better voice feature.

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