Transformers Masterpiece AcidStorm [Toys’r’us Exclusive]

Released: July 2013
Scale: N/A
Line: Masterpiece
Price: $74.99

If you’ve never owned any seekers from Masterpiece series or any figures from the line, it’s really awesome figure with complex transformation, G1 accurate looks, and much more articulation and details than any other line. If you have then this will be incredibly short…it’s just like the other seekers (starscream, skywarp, and thundercracker), just with neon green paint and pixelated camouflage on each wings. Something to note, this line is released by Takara in Japan and Hasbro in US. The most notable difference between the two is the price. Hasbro is much more cheaper and usually includes more accessories. Another is the quality. I notice the paint job tends to be less attractive than Takara but from excessive transformation, it’s bound to chip eventually lol. Hasbro Toys’r’us exclusive Transformers Masterpiece AcidStorm is a pretty cool figure and best of all, comes with cool base/display stand! Great figure, reasonable price, and toysrus exclusive! Get it before it’s gone!
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