Hot Toys Quarter Scale Series Batman - The Dark Knight Rises

Hot Toys Quarter Scale Series Batman - The Dark Knight Rises
Released: Oct 2013
Manufactured By: Hot Toys
Scale: 1/4
Line: Quarter Scale Movie Masterpiece
Price: 464.99

Being fan of Dark Knight trilogy, Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece series and their new Quarter scale series, price was irrelevant. Waiting for this was also pretty brutal as Hot Toys kept teasing fans by displaying the figure in conventions and delaying the actual figure 2+ months after the initial release date. The figure itself though did not disappoint. So many accessories, including weapons and gadgets not used in third film, it’s really impressive and a nice touch. The size on this is incredible and details on the suit and head sculpt are truly “Masterpiece”. Unlike Hot Toy’s first Quarter Scale (Terminator Endoskeleton), this beauty is packed with accessories, two additional alternate replaceable heads, impressive base with accessories FOR the base, more light up functions, heavy and sturdy. Articulation is great and surpasses all of the 1/6 Scale Hot Toys I own so far. Still can’t do the Iron Man landing pose perfectly but can execute pretty close version. So many options with the weapons and gadgets on this figure, it’ll easily consume hours of your time deciding which to have your DK pose with. My only complaint on this figure is that the ball joints for the hand is incredibly tight and although HT includes 2 extra pegs, once you stick those in any of the optional hands, you’re going to need some handy pliers to pull them back out, and with force, can ruin the pegs. Another is the base, although beautiful, it feels to narrow for the DK himself. Doesn’t hurt to make it a little more wider and add space for more dynamic pose on the base. With so much accessories on the base, I feel as though DK is restricted to just standing straight when using the base. Overall very fun figure and even with steep price, I’m very satisfied with absolutely zero regret.
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