Aldnoah Zero Anime Review

For every season there's always going to be an anime involved with high schoolers piloting a mecha in order to save the world. For this summer, out of handful picks, this anime seemed to be the most interesting one. An "original" (as in not based on manga, video game, or light novel ) animation series by Ei Aoki and Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero) , is packed with lot of mecha actions, character development, drama, humor, and somewhat interesting plot.

The story is somewhat similar to Gundam Seed series in my opinion where there are 2 factions, people of Earth and people of Mars (Vers Empire, humans originally from planet Earth) fighting to determine which race is fit to conquer Earth. The difference in this series though is one side (Vers Empire) is completely overpowered and from first episode makes it obvious just how powerless and clueless the Earths Military Force are against them. Fortunately there's a high schooler (main character) who can pilot much better than the military soldiers and just by observing the enemies action can completely analyze strength/weakness of the opponent and can come up with a strategy in couple seconds! Wow so convenient and so original! =P

So far only 4 episodes have been aired and I can say the real fun starts from the latest episode. Previous episodes were mostly introductions of the story, current situation, and characters. The 1st enemy was also defense armor -type which made the mecha action pretty slow and redundant. The 4th episode introduces an enemy who is aggressive katana-wielding type with strong close-range combat. In order to go against this type the main character used whatever available in current environment location, supplies equipped on the mecha, and of course help from his friends/colleges which felt smart and entertaining to watch.

Overall it's a series I'll probably continue following and so far recommend to those who are interested in mecha anime. The mecha designs are incredibly awesome, action scenes are great and entertaining, the plot is nothing new but also not easy to predict. It may be a little confusing trying to follow what the hell is going on but seems like they will shed some light little by little each episode. If you have nothing better to do or watch, check out Aldnoah Zero available on Hulu
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