Hot Toys Age of Ultron Hulk 1/6th Scale Figure Pre Order!

Hot Toys Age of Ultron Hulk 1/6th Scale Figure Pre Order!

Age of Ultron is almost upon us, and Hot Toys has announced not one but two different Hulks that are available. Well not that different...the Deluxe Set features an angry, savage face Hulk and a "I'm just angry all the time" face, a pair of open hands, a pair of fists, and a special torso made for his Hulk Smash pose. The Regular Edition just has the angry, savage face as well as the extra hands. 

It looks like this will be the same body that was used for the last Hulk from The Avengers, but now with special stretchy pants that can accommodate his sudden changes in body shape. His face sculpt claims to be new, but it looks like the one from before with just a slightly different haircut. 

Based on these pictures, I like his savage, angry face but only in certain angles does it look epic. The Hulk Smash torso pose is a nice touch...but to me it looks like the Hulk is about to pull off some Tango moves and work up a sweat. 

Not to be knit picky, but it would have been nice to have the Smash pose done with the Hulk smashing the ground to a pavement and have a base with battle damage and other noticeable Hulk craters. Instead we have a pose of him about to unleash a pelvic thrust smash. 

Hulk looks like to be coming out around the end of this year to sometime maybe around the beginning of 2016...but you know how these Hot Toys dates keep changing. Stay Tuned!

Pre orders start now at Sideshow Collectibles 

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