Hot Toys Mark XXXIX Starboost Review

Hot Toys Mark XXXIX Starboost
Released: Dec 2014
Manufactured By: Hot Toys
Scale: 1/6
Line: Movie Masterpiece
Price: $269.99

Hot Toys Starboost from Iron Man 3 has finally landed and wow is it refreshing! Having a lot of Iron Man with different looking armors is great, having some with totally different colors? Even better! The only red colors you'll see on this armor are the markings on the back and the white really makes this design look really astronomical.

The accessories are minimal and only includes 2 alternate hands and faceplace which unfortunately blocks the light function from the eyes. Not sure if this is intentional but it seems the hands are lot easier to replace now also which personally is huge improvement. 

The Jetpack is incredibly cool and with the white color, really makes this armor stand out from the rest. It would've been interesting if the jetpack was removable but it's not and nobody in their right minds would display without it anyway. 

Starboost may lack articulations compared to Hot Toys DieCast Series, but it does have the functionality of popping both shoulders out which provides lot more dynamic posing. Unfortunately the knees, and waist are very limited, much similar to HeartBreaker. 

The alt faceplate is exactly same as the other faceplate but blocks the eyes which makes sense concept wise but I can't see why anyone would want to use it. 

Starboost looks great landed on ground but really shines with flight poses. Hot Toys made the right choice in including the dynamic stand with this figure. 

Hot Toys Mark XXXIX Starboost is an amazing one sixth scale figure and truly shines when in flight pose. The colors, and jetpack really makes this armor stand out from the rest and can be considered "original". The accessories and articulation may be lacking but still worth for any Iron Man and Hot Toys fans. You can grab your very own Starboost armor here from!

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