CCP 1/6 Tokusatsu Vol.059 Kyukyoku no Ultraman A-Type Initial Appearance Ver. (w/Lighting Gimmick) Review

Kyukyoku no Ultraman A-Type Initial Appearance Ver. (w/Lighting Gimmick)
Released: March 2015
Manufactured By: CCP
Scale: 1/6
Line: Tokusatsu Ultraman
Price: 14,040 JPY

If you've ever watched Ultraman before, specifically the classic series, chances are you've seen this classic hero. For any casual or non-fans of the series, you may experience some foggy memories or even doubts now about the haggard looks, but that's actually totally understandable. The figure shown here is an "A type" costume that was featured in the first fourteen episode only from the original 1966 series. From the series there were total of 3 different types of costume used, each clearly showing improvements to the quality and looks of the outfit. The most notable difference between the 3 types are the smoothness and size of the outfit. The last type called "C Type" displays much smoother helmet and almost no wrinkles or seams throughout the whole costume, perfectly fitted to the stuntman wearing it. As fan of the classic Ultraman though, I have most nostalgia from A Type and absolutely had to get this.   

The cool thing with CCP's lighting features are that there's no visible button to turn on the light anywhere on the figure. For this figure, gently pushing the left bicep will turn the light on the eyes and chest. The lights automatically turn off after 30 seconds. The downside is that there are also no openings to take out or replace the batteries. 

The timer shines really bright and displays accurate color. It's unfortunate though that it doesn't turn red or blink when it's about to turn off which would've been the most awesome feature ever. 

Another great masterpiece from CCP and brought so much memories! For fans, I highly recommend adding this to your collections. CCP delivers extremely great quality PVC vinyl figures with flawless details and are actually quite popular despite the high price tagged. Rarely do you see one still available after couple weeks from release, this Ultraman is no exception. It's already rare in first place to find any A Type Ultraman figures and this one looks straight from the 1966 TV show. The lighting gimmick is great and makes the figure look very much alive!

For anyone interested in other CCP works, here is my review post for Sachiel from Evangelion series that they released couple years ago! 

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