Evangelion x CCP Sachiel 4th Angel High Grade (Light up ver.)

Evangelion x CCP Sachiel 4th Angel High Grade (Light up ver.)
Released: May 2012
Manufactured By: CCP
Scale: 30cm
Line: CCP Evangelion Project
Price: 12,600 jpy

The most infamous and iconic enemy in the Evangelion series, Sachiel, gets the CCP sofubi vinyl treatment. An appropriate and fitting release right after the Eva 01, this vinyl is amazingly detailed and truly “High Grade” in every single way possible. Like most sofubi vinyl there’s no articulation, light weight and made of only PVC plastic. What makes this interesting from other vinyl though is that it has LED light up functions and there’s no visible on/off switch anywhere on the body. To turn the light on, (Eyes, and Core chest), you simply push on the back of the figure and it will stay lit for 15-20 seconds then slowly fade off. Unfortunately, that also means there are no simple and clean way to remove/replace the batteries when dead. Although the box for the figure is relatively huge, it does not come with any accessories or instructions for that matter. Unlike the Eva 01, this figure sadly does not come with diorama display stand either, just a simple plain version that clamps on the waist. The figure can balance on its own well without it but it will definitely fall if there’s a shake or earthquake (which happens almost everyday in Japan). Overall it’s a great figure and must have for any Eva fans. The details, colors, feel, and entire look of the figure is superb and goes well on its own or menacing near any Eva figures.
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