Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber with Collectors Coin

Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber with Collectors Coin
Released: March 2015
Manufactured By: Takara Tomy
Scale: NA
Line: Masterpiece
Price: $149.90 (varies)

 Having won the 30th Anniversary Transformers Masterpiece Fans Choice, Takara Tomy have created Star Saber in full "Masterpiece" treatment! Truth be told, I haven’t seen a single episode from the Transformer Victory series so I don’t really know much about it. What I do know though is that this autobot leader kicks major ass! Part of the Brainmaster subgroup, this particular bot is sort of like a robotic versions of matryoshkas where a robot goes into bigger robot that goes into an even bigger robot. The only difference? The bots can actually transform into jets and can wield humongous shiny sword! 

Instruction Sheet with Card.

Here you have your smallest bot named Brain of Courage. Doesn’t transform but has some nice articulation for it’s size. The paint job and details are really well done also. 

The cockpit on Saber can be opened in alt mode to insert Brain of Courage. 

Insert Brain of Courage in the chest and close the hatch to reveal…Saber's face! Both alt mode and robot mode are really cool and already feels so much different from any non-masterpiece series. From pics and the choice of colors, it may look cheapy quality but it really isn’t and if I could, I would buy another just to have Saber displayed out. Well range of articulation and displays well with other masterpiece figures. 

**Note: The autobot insignia on my Saber’s chest came scratched. Normally it won't be. Didn’t want to go through the return process and the battle-damaged insignia kind of grew on me :). 

Star Saber in Alt mode.

Transform Saber in robot mode with Brain of Courage still inside, fold up the legs and attach it to form Star Saber! This gigantic machine is a beast and towers over even Optimus Prime! For it’s size, the articulation is amazing and can do decent amount of poses. The figure is pretty heavy though and doesn’t come with a display stand for robot mode. For Alt mode, the huge shield that’s included can transform into display stand and can actually hold the mothership pretty well. Everything about this final form though is really big. The weapons, shield, and specifically it’s presence! 

**Note: I realized too late and forgot to rotate the thighs during the shoot. To complete transformation, rotate the thighs  90° to allow Star Saber to bend its knees. 

The Asia exclusive collectors coin comes packaged nicely in envelop designed as Star Saber's chest piece.

The back of the envelope displaying back of the coin.

Open the envelop to reveal Star Saber coin!

Overall, I’m really glad this won the Fan’s Choice to be the next Masterpiece. Even though I never watched the series it was in, it looked very unique and with the matryoshkas like concept, it was impossible to pass up for me. Knowing that it was going to be huge (even bigger than Masterpiece Ultra Magnus!), the price was surprisingly low, cheaper than MP Optimus Prime! Saber and Star Saber are both great. Saber really is awesome both in robot and alt mode and even worth having him displayed outside of Star Saber. Star Saber in it’s giant final form is very impressive, having it wield its long sword and carrying the mighty shield or it’s destructive beam rifle on the other, this autobot is worthy of standing tall next to its brethren Primes!

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