Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Stealth Mode Version

Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Stealth Mode Version 
Released: June 2015

Manufactured by: Hot Toys

Another Iron Man figure is just another day for Hot Toys. Once again Hot Toys has released another special edition Iron Man figure which is essentially a repaint of the Mark VII. In total this is the third repaint of this one armor. That isn't to say this armor isn't worth it, but I can definitely see why collectors have gotten tired of Iron Man releases from Hot Toys. 

This armor was never seen on screen at any point during any Marvel movie, however, it was mentioned as a good idea by Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. Hot Toys has taken the liberty of this one off idea and has made it a reality in toy form.

This may just be a repaint, but it just looks so cool in hand. The black, slightly purple, and translucent armor pieces just look great and is quite a slick look for this armor. There isn't much to say otherwise of the sculpt that hasn't already been said about the Mark VII. As usual the details are superb, and it is great to see the various decals throughout the armor like the Avengers logo. 

Accessories wise he comes with the usual set of hands, shoulder pads with missiles showing, dynamic rod, base, and batteries. The one unusual piece missing are the thigh armor missiles that came with the original Mark VII. This isn't a big loss, but still odd it was not included. 

The one problem I had with this figure was the dynamic rod and base. It seems to be a manufacture default, but the rod could not screw into the base like it usually does. I found that the screw on the rod is too short to meet the washer that is in the base. I took apart the base and found that with the given pieces there is no way for the rod to connect with the washer that is currently in the base. I can easily fix this with a longer screw for the rod, but it kinda pisses me off I paid this much and something as simple as the base is "broken". 

One other thing to mention is that this is not a diecast release. I know the hardcore collectors will know this but for those not in the know this is not a fancy diecast. With that being said, Hot Toys made no improvements or updates to this figure so it still adheres to the conventions of the original Mark VII release like rubber elbows, plastic pieces, and no safe way to pull off his ground pose. 

If you do have the original Mark VII release, you can use the Tony Stark head sculpt and put it on this figure since its all the same parts. This isn't my favorite head sculpt, but its a nice alternate look for this figure and another nice accessory. The other Tony Stark heads for other figures do not come with a sculpted neck so it probably won't fit onto this figure since it needs a neck piece to work. 

I would say this is for the hardcore Iron Man fan or anyone who is into collecting exclusives. I don't regret buying this figure because I fit both of those previous adjectives. If you missed out on this figure, I wouldn't feel too bad since Hot Toys sort of hinted at a Mark 43 black version in the form of a cosbaby. When will that be released? Who knows, but I would start thinking about it now if you are interested in that. 

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