Hot Toys Iron Man mkVII [Sideshow Exclusive]

Iron Man mkVII [Sideshow Exclusive]
Released: June 2013
Manufactured By: Hot Toys
Scale 1/6
Line: Movie Masterpiece
Price: $249.99

My first Iron Man figure from Hot Toys and it did not disappoint! I’ve known Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece for a while (especially their Iron Man series), but never had the money to afford one! I’m so glad this was my first though since all the flaws from previous versions seem to be resolved and improved, plus the Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) head sculpt is so realistic! If you’ve seen (if not google it!) previous versions of Tony ‘s head, they were kind of …embarrassing. I would never have taken it out of the box lol. But this one is awesome and I’m so glad they added the wrists/hand accessories to properly do the repulser blast pose with the hands. While my first Iron Man toy, it’s not my first Hot Toy Movie Masterpiece figure. I also have the Captain America 1/6 scale from “The Avengers” movie and while both of them are cool, they are terrible at posing. If you’ve been spoiled by Medicom’s Real Action Heroes series, it’s really hard to truly enjoy these figures to their fullest. Luckily Iron Man usually comes with tons of accessories so I had fun swapping them around and “trying” to pose, but compared to RAH it’s terrible. And the display stand is ridiculous. You’re paying over $200 and waiting for good year for this figure made out of mostly plastic and rubber, you’d think Hot Toys would provide some decent display stand. Ugh, I hope the crotch area doesn’t get scratched up >.<! The light up functions are really cool and super bright! The switches are hidden well also. As for the “SideShow Exclusive”, the only difference is you get the miniature hologram Iron Man figure (in green). No poseability, just another accessory that you can display next to lol. It’s free so no complaint =). As for recommendation…I personally like it a lot but only recommend it to the hardcore Iron Man/Hollywood Marvel fans…It’s expensive, need to preorder quick, takes for-fucking-ever to get released (sooo many delays by Hot Toys), lack of poseability, HORRIBLE display stand, and it’s mostly made out of plastic and rubber. My RAH Eva 02 1/6 scale by Medicom is actually cheaper, bigger, incredibly poseable, tons more accessories, and just so fun to play with. Guess what though!? Hot Toys are releasing die-cast 1/6th scale movie masterpiece for Iron Man 3! Challenge Accepted! I preordered both mk42 and Iron Patriot. Let’s see how their die-cast lines will be ..gufufu so excited! Till next week…pyu pyu!
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