RAH Shikinami Asuka Langley Version Q

Shikinami Asuka Langley Version Q
Released: Feb 2013
Manufactured By: Medicom
Scale: 1/6
Line: Real Action Heroes (RAH) Formula
Price: 16,800JPY

RAH Asuka from Eva 3.0 Q aka “You Can (not) Redo” film. Although I reviewed the RAH Eva 02 first (link), this was actually my first RAH figure. Just never opened it until recently -_-;;. Most likely because of this, I was kind of disappointed with this figure. The poseability is lacking, and this figure definitely needs a stand. The plug suit is made of plastic, with rubber texture, it’s very tight on the figure so bending the arms or moving it upwards will bring it back down and straighten the arm to default position. It doesn’t come with many accessories either. 2 alternate hands, 3 replaceable faces (expressionless, smiling, and helmet). Because this is from Eva 3.0 all face comes with eye patch. To be honest that and the helmet was the only reason I got this lol. They released so many different version of Asuka but it didn’t look that great to me. The details on the face, helmet, hair, and suit are top notch. Besides the lack of posing, accessories, and need to use the display stand, this figure is still pretty cool. I’m really happy getting this and the stand also is not bad (10000x better than Hot Toys display stand). I believe it’s sold out besides amazon and ebay, but if you act now you can pre-order the Wonder Festival 2013 Summer exclusive version of this figure here: link. It’s actually more than double the price I paid for this figure but I got mine at Amiami.com, which like HobbyLinkJapan, are 5-10% cheaper than retail price in Japan. *For those purchasing the exclusive version, you can not take off the jacket and neko hat! (still cute though…)
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  1. Are there more than one version of this? Just bought one from ebay for $80 but it didn't have the helmet on in photos and I have seen a helmet with a different finish on the visor.

  2. Hello Seele666!
    There should be 2 version (1 with helmet and 1 without), but I have only seen the version with helmet available only. The helmet version is First-release production bonus item and won't be included in second batch/reissues but it looks like they haven't release those yet.