[1/60 PT] VF-1S With Super Strike Parts

[1/60 PT] VF-1S With Super Strike Parts
VF-1S With Super Strike Parts
Released: 8/02/2008
Manufactured By: Yamato
Scale: 1/60
Line: Perfect Transformation [完全変形]
Price: 14,000JPY

Yamato’s Perfect Transformation [PT] line is solid and easily one of the best figure Macross figure out there. Yamato, already famous for their high detailed, creative and complex transformation, one upped themselves with this line and created smoother, proportional and slimmer figure with tighter joints. As you can see by the release date on this figure, its pretty old and getting it might be challenge. The company itself changed its name to Arcadia and is revamping all their products. So good news! Chances are you can get a newer, improved version with more accessories now! The best part is that it comes with display stand!!!! O how I wish ALL Yamato Macross figure comes with display stand. They really tried to drain your wallet by charging over 4,500JPY just for display stand that you have to build! I’ll have to get one sooner or later but at that price I can get another full figure and can’t beat that! Anyways back to this figure, overall it’s another great Yamato Macross figure. Beautiful already straight out of the box and really difficult to get yourself transforming to the next mode because it’s so awesome already! But once you do 100% it will leave you amazed and glad that you did it! Once you feel like it can’t get any cooler…you transform to next mode and it’s even more bad-assery! If you only have 1 it will definitely be difficult deciding which mode you want to display in! If you’re going to get VF-1S (Roy Focker ver.), get it with Super Strike Parts! May be extra but well worth it!
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