DX Chogokin VF-27 Gamma Lucifer Super Parts Set

VF-27 Gamma Lucifer with Super Parts
Released: Aug 2013
Manufactured By: Bandai
Scale: 1/60
Line: DX Chogokin
Price: 18,800 JPY

This is my first Macross Frontier figure and didn’t know what to really expect. I always wanted DX Chogokin Macross Frontier figures but was never able to secure any pre-order from any online retailer sites like amiami, HLJ, or even Angolz. For this case I really got lucky with amiami, as soon as I saw him in-stock I purchased on the spot with my iPhone (restroom at work). Having owned Chogokin from other series, I was wondering if there would be magnets used and just how much was actually die cast. Turns out no magnets used and minimal die cast. Majority is plastic, very nice look and feel but some parts (like the rifle), look pretty cheap like 1/144 Gundam plastic model kits quality. There weren’t that many accessories either, which actually didn’t bother me as much but I was disappointed with the alternate hands. Comparing this to any Yamato/Arcadia Macross figures, this line definitely loses with alternate hands. It would have been nice to have at least one option that has articulate fingers , unfortunately all hands are fixed and only one of the hands have the thumbs moveable (to make it possible to hold the handle on the rifle). Transformation wise I was pretty impressed. It was simpler than Yamato/Arcadia line at least in my opinion but some parts seems to damage or scratch the figure (ex. The cockpit area when it turns into the chest). Also it could've been just my figure but the crotch piece kept falling apart(whyyy!). It’s easy to snap it back and fix it but just weird that it would fall off in first place. Fighter mode and Battroid mode are incredibly sexy, but Gerwalk in my opinion looked weak compared to how Yamato/Arcadia looks. It’s a good thing Bandai includes display stand because Gerwalk mode without it looks like their Macross Origin line, blocky and unnaturally statue like (if that makes sense?). May seem like there’s couple downside to this figure but honestly if I could I would literally buy 2 of each figures from this line/series, 1 for Fighter mode and 1 for Battroid mode because both just looks fucking AMAZING. It’s a shame even with so many reissues and new bundle package, it’s incredibly challenging to successfully pre-ordering even just 1 figure. Even if you have never seen an episode from this series, I would recommend getting 1 if you ever get the chance. And I don’t mean Amazon, Ebay or any sites that offer at 2nd market price because then it’s just not worth it. Because of rarity, prices for these usually triples or quadruples and these aren't that cheap to begin with. But if you’re really hardcore fan, it might be worth it, just not for me.
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