News! Macross Zero is Back! with VF-0D Shing Kudo Ver! *UPDATED*

New pics posted by Arcadia Twitter account! Super promising so far and release date is not that far, Feb 2015! I know I had troubling transforming any of recent Yamato/Arcadia's Macross series from fighter to battroid mode, but this one may totally make me not want to transform it at all! The fighter mode is so freaking awesome! I don't have space or enough money to buy 2 and I'm pretty sure Arcadia will make other fighters from the series so when I get my hands on this bad boy I'm might just have to leave it as fighter mode!

Winter Hobby Festival 2014 ended today, pretty sad I couldn't make it...again, but o well it's freaking freezing over there right now with the snow. Plus you know people will be uploading pics of everything online so you won't have to go through all that! Couple weeks ago Arcadia displayed a teaser pic of their upcoming Macross 1/60 figure poster on their twitter. Couldn't really tell much back then since it was censored with black boxes but looks like they displayed the CAD prototype at WHF this weekend and guess what! It's Macross Zero! A VF-OD Phenix Shin Kudo Ver. ! Best and personal favorite series ever! Don't get me wrong, Macross 7 is alright...original Macross series? Yeah I love that but how many VF-1S/1J do the folks from Arcadia think we want or need? 10? 20? 30!? Just 1 is enough for me, 2 max but no more. I'm thrilled and excited that they are brining back Macrozz Zero and hopefully with vengeance! SO many flaws from first runs, hopefully over the years and even changing their company name (Yamato to Arcadia), they will bring out "Perfect" transformation 1/60 fighters. 2015, literally year of waiting and price will probably be lot more than their Macross/Macross 7 lines, but that's just 1 more thing to look forward too! As fellow Macross fans, won't you wait with me and let us one day fly these beautiful birds with our own hands next year! 
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