[1/60] SV-51r Ivanov Type

[1/60] SV-51r Ivanov Type
Released: 8/28/2007
Manufactured By: Yamato
Scale: 1/60
Line: 完全変形
Price: varies

First, I’ll need to apologize for not showing all modes and from different angles. This was my dream toy that I bought from a popular collectible show/event called Frank & Son. Incredibly unfortunate and disappointing. Paid retail price, which I considered myself lucky at first, until I found out it was not only opened…but broken also. Out of the box it looked like somebody transformed it, then tried to transform it back but incorrectly. To fix it, I had to transform it but in 2 seconds both legs completely fell apart. I don’t mean just plop off, I mean each piece ripping apart by itself and screws just falling off. I have no idea how this happened. You’d have to get a hammer and purposely break it and snap the pegs inside in half and not even bother putting it back in its place, just misplace it somewhere inside the thigh piece. I super glued it back but it just made me so angry. Not only that but the wings special locking mechanism was broken also, the booster on top is broken (loose pegs), scratches (from forced incorrect transformation) EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t stand looking at this misfortune any longer so I tried my best to fix what I can and made it displayable as possible so I can display it in my detolf. I can’t return it and I won’t be able to forgive myself if I even tried selling to other collectors. Because of this situation I can’t really review this or comment on this in general. Since it’s discontinued, I can only wish and hope that Arcadia will renew/reissue Macross Zero products. They seem to focus on Macross 7 now and 30th anniversary issues of Macross (Do you remember love?) line but I’m positive it’s only matter of time. Macross Zero btw is a great series and the fighters are absolutely beautiful. So please Arcadia…MAKE NEW MACROSS ZERO TOYS!!!!
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